Something to ponder on:

Sometimes you just have to step forward and move on.
No questions, no doubts, no looking back. 
Just move on.

Rapha Designs

Crafts and Creative Workshops

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For all crafts, just bring a plate of eats 

1) If you bring your own projects, no charge
2) Mosaics (small) R 100
3) Mosaics (big) R 200
4) Beading (short) R 100
5) Beading (long) R 150
6) Modge podge/decoupage R 200 (includes 2 crafts)

7) 3D framed pictures R 200

8) Card making R 100

The photo above is the example for our Modge Podge workshop in January. 

The photo below is of the work area before the workshop.

This is our work space ready for action before a workshop