Something to ponder on:

Sometimes you just have to step forward and move on.
No questions, no doubts, no looking back. 
Just move on.

Rapha Designs

Crafts and Creative Workshops

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The photo's above are examples made in our 3D picture frame workshop today (24 October 2015). The ladies were sooo creative today. Well done!

Next month we will be doing Foil Art, and after the workshop, we are going to have our end-of-year lunch. Looking forward to having some good times!

The photo below is of our work area.

Costs for items for sale

I'm still setting up the online shop, so if you see anything you want or like, or if you want to order a custom-made item, please send me an email and I'll follow up as soon as I can. 

This is our work space ready for action before a workshop