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Classes for 2023


From 2023, we will start our classes promptly at 9h00. Please make sure you are early, so you can get some tea and chat before class.  


If you don't want to do the specific class and you would like to pursue another craft, but feel you need some guidance, you are welcome to attend one of the scheduled classes and discuss this with me before the class so I can try to give you some inputs and guidance on the day (Free of charge). So you can, for instance, work on a project over a number of classes if that is what you would like to do. I will have to charge you for the refreshments (R 50) and any stock you may use. 


Normal Class Fees remain at R 500.


Class payments for 2023


I require payments to be made via EFT and the payment to show in my account at least 2 days in advance of the class so I can purchase provisions. With only a few seats available, I will be working on a First Come, First Served basis from now on. 


I also have card facilities available on the premises, so if you prefer this payment method, please just let me know and you will be able to pay this way as well. 


Banking Details: 

Bank: FNB

Account Holder: Rapha Designs

Account Number: 62317361145

Branch: Centurion

Reference: Your name 


Planned Classes and Women's Weekends for 2023


Save the date for any classes you would like to attend during 2023: 


14 January - Grand Opening of our new Workshop

28 January - WRW2022 Reboot

4 February - Resin Class

25 February - Acrylic Pouring Class

4 March - Resin Class

20 March - Gouache Painting Class

1 April - Resin Class

15 April - Gelatos Class & Gel Printing

29 April - Sculpting

6 May - Resin Class

20 May - Parchment

27 May - Resin Class

1 July - Resin Class

15 July - Miniatures OR Fairy House Class

5 August - Resin Class

11-13 August - WRW2023 August

2 September - Resin Class

15-17 September - WRW2023 Sept

7 October - Resin Class

20-22 October - WRW2023 Oct

4 November - Resin Class

11 November - Marbling

18 November - Yearend Lunch






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