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Podging away...

On Saturday, 15 October, we had a very busy and productive day. I took our ladies out of their comfort zones a bit, by getting them to work on numerous projects simultaneously. There was method to the madness as working with modge podge does imply that one waits for the modge podge to dry for periods of time. To ensure that the ladies did not get bored between working on different items, they were required to work on other projects while some were drying. They came up with beautiful items.


These are examples of some of the acrylic, board and metallic framed pendants which were created during the class.

Mouse Pads:

We made some mouse pad gifts by doing picture transfers. These are some of the examples.

The ladies made some modge podge crosses, as per the attached picture.

Glass podging:

Glass serving dishes using modge podge.

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