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Women's Recharge Weekend 2020

What a year 2020 has been! We originally planned to have our Women's Recharge Weekend in August, but due to Covid-19 and its complications, we had to wait until 9-11 October 2020 to keep this Jabez appointment.

During the year we got used to the uncertainty of having a world-wide pandemic running wild across the globe, but this did not mean that we were about to allow any more issues to derail our weekend breakaway. This time around, we were 11 ladies and we had a wonderful time. We did some quick meditations to see how these went down, and it is clear that I should include much more meditation time during the next weekend. We listened to some beautiful music, had some deep-dive sessions looking at our relevance in this word and we also realized that even though we are a mere dot in the universe, we all have a purpose and reason for being on this earth. We watched a romantic movie on Saturday night to indulge our softer side, and the feedback was that many of us don't normally watch soppy love stories with our husbands. We spent the Saturday afternoon crafting, and it seemed that this activity was so much fun that nobody left the room to just take a rest or spend some quiet time alone. We learned about Jabez appointments and how God is not boring and if we want to walk on water, we must get out of the boat at some time!. On Sunday, we washed each other's hands in a gesture of servant leadership and caring for each other and then we followed Jesus' example in having a 'last supper' together. Thank you to all the ladies involved and especially to my friend Hannie who was my rock and helped me to stay calm when the technology refused to do what I expected it to do. You and I make a spectacular team, my friend!

I will be posting more details about next year's Women's Recharge Weekend as we go along during the next year. I have created a page for 2021 already but will update this as my planning and inspiration come together. Meanwhile, please have a look at the photo's from the weekend at the link below.

I am so thankful that I have been able to do 2 such weekends now and that my dream of reaching women in their need is coming true.



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