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Women's Recharge Weekend October 2022

Our second Women's Weekend was successfully completed this past weekend. It was a small group and I could have personal interactions with all the ladies. Our group bonded well and we had a great weekend of crafting and enjoying each other's company. The topic for this year was Boundaries and it seemed to be a well-timed topic. Thank you Hannie for the beautiful flowers and for your caring heart which is so willing to help me with taking all the stock to the venue. Thank you also for caring about everyone's well-being and for your servant's heart. Thanks also to Arline for being my technical support person and for helping with some of the pastoral care needed during the weekend. Thanks also to Aletia who helped me by reporting the issue with the geysers when I just could not drop everything to do this. Our crafts this weekend were stunning and I loved working with you ladies.


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