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These policies below are critical to the way we do our business. Please note that this is not negotiable. 

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Please note that you must pay in advance when booking your appointment for life coaching/mentoring/counseling.

CRAFT CLASSES: We now have card payment facilities onsite, so you can pay on the day of the class.

As soon as I receive your booking request or order for classes or craft items from the shop, I will send you an email with the EFT details. I require PROOF OF PAYMENT before I will action any shipments of products or confirm a booking for life coaching/mentoring/counseling services.

Cancellations and refunds are acceptable for bookings until less than 1 week before the due date of the booking.

No refund will be done for craft class fees if cancellation is less than a week from the due date for the booking as stock will already have been bought for the class requirements. Refunds will be possible for booked sessions only if the cancellations are done at least 1 week before the scheduled appointment. No craft items will be refunded if there is any damage done to the product after purchase.


Your information will be kept purely to contact you if we need to and to send you newsletters if you request this. If you need us to delete your information, we will do so immediately. We will not disclose your information to any outside parties. All information shared during life coaching/mentoring/counseling will remain private and will not be shared with anyone unless expressly agreed to by the person receiving the services.

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